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Welcome to! This website is intended to house the essential services that a majority of people need when facing homelessness, substance abuse and hard times. This city (and surrounding counties) have a plethora of services to help those in need, and we will strive to put them all in one place for simplicity sake.

If you are here for help then please click on one of the featured resources OR choose from one of the categories where you have a need.

If you are a non-profit 501 (c)(3), a local organization, small business or an individual and would like to submit a place then please use the “Login” button to create a simple account as you must be a registered member first for security and verification. Please use the contact form to have any current listings removed.


  • Warm Streets Featured

    Warm Streets

    Helping the homeless in Central Virginia with a vast array of services: emergency backpacks, moving services, furniture, sock kiosks, Light…
  • New Leaf Employment Featured

    New Leaf Employment

    1310 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA
    Helping anyone with a criminal record find employment if they do not qualify for the Virginia CARES program. We specialize…


Food & Nutrition

We have plenty of resources to keep you healthy.


Shelters, rentals, Section 8, first time buyers - find YOUR roof.


There are lots of jobs available, find the right person to help.


Find a Church that makes you feel at home...

Health & Mental Services

Dental, Physical, Mental, etc - there is a place to help.


Secular or Faith based help with recovery from substance use is available.

The Redemption Group

Faith-based recovery group that meets downtown on a weekly basis.


Further Your Education

The largest Christian University in the USA is just up the hill...


Light Change Tokens

Earn tokens to redeem for services!


Warm Streets

Helping the homeless in Central Virginia